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Hello, welcome to this insert we've created for strictly SEO purposes! Feel free to carry on. Camille is a photojournalistic film wedding photographer based in the New York City area. She creates timeless and ethereal imagery for her clients. She specializes in shooting with 35mm film and 120 medium format film allowing her to capture real moments that showcase events with authenticity and warmth. Camille Delaune is a film photographer shooting honestly & warmly in the New York City area and beyond. She specializes in editorial-like 35mm film photography. Her photojournalistic wedding photography works with natural light, real moments, and wedding day shots that showcase the event with authenticity.

What kind of couples usually works with Camille?

Couples come to Camille for candid, documentary photos that capture authentic moments during the wedding day. They want the photos to evoke emotion and tell the story of their special day. Each photo captures the love and fleeting beauty of each passing moment. Editorial, fine art, film, timeless, classic, artistic, organic, natural, expressive, candid, intimate-feeling, one-of-a-kind, dreamy, vintage, emotional, moody, quirky, relaxed, non-traditional, authentic, unorthodox, fluid, cozy, baroque, kitsch, vibrant, raw.

How has Camille's photography style been described for weddings?

When brides come to Camille, they usually want a documentary wedding photographer who understands editorial style, documentary wedding photography. They want a film photographer who can capture the tiny moments of sweetness during the wedding day. Camille shoots film for this reason, as it helps to capture moments with a sense of raw expressive emotion. Brides want to ensure that they have trusted the right person for their special day. When walking down the aisle, Camille ensures that her documentary style brings every authentic couple's love story to life.

What does Camille use for her photography?

Camille uses film photography to document weddings. It has been called wedding photojournalism by some, as the vintage style of using a film camera evokes a certain magic of the moment.

Where can I find more of Camille's work?

Camille Delaune is active on her Instagram which she uses to share moments she has captured with her clients. If you need some dreamy inspiration, give her a follow on her wedding Instagram.

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